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What type of photographer am I?




My goal is not to capture the perfect family photo, but to perfectly capture your family.

I love to catch the emotions shared between families rather than just taking a snapshot. I don't like stiff and posted photos, I like to capture the true personality of your family. My favorite photos are not "grandmas photo" where you're all looking and smiling. I love the imperfect photos.

One of my favorite quotes that I feel captures my intentions as a photographer is "We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone." I like to take the documentary style approach to photography and use natural light in order to create images that show your true selves and you can hang in your home.

Where will my session be held?

You Choose!

Your session will be held in a location that we choose together to fit what you would like from your session. I have a few locations to choose from with different aesthetics and we will pick the one that feels right to you.


We can also do a session at your home if this is something that you would prefer.

How Long will my session be?

20 min - 60 min

Family Session

Your session will be around 1 hour long. With young ones any longer than an hour and we tend to lose the attention. 1 hour is plenty of time for me to get a variety of shots for your gallery.

Holiday Mini Session

These sessions tend to run between 20-30 minutes. You will receive 7-10 edited photos from the session.

What will my session be like?

Fun! Memorable! Anything you want it to be!

In my sessions I like for you to be yourselves and in the moment with each other. I hope that it is a fun experience for everyone.


You will be spending time with your family creating a great memory for yourselves and I will just be there to capture it on film. 

What should I wear?

Something that you love!

Wardrobe should be comfortable and reflect who you are. I do not recommend matching but rather coordinating. I offer a FREE styling service that allows you to either find new clothing or can help you choose clothing you currently have by providing a color palette.


I do ask that you send me photos before hand so that I can make sure that it will satisfy both of our expectations and keep everyone looking their best. I want you to feel like you, but you are hiring me for a specific look and this is a big aspect that contributes to that look!

How far in advance are you booked?

2-3 months, but always reach out!

Currently I only open my bookings out about 2-3 months in advance. I only shoot on weekends and at specific times which means spots tend to fill up rather quickly.


I do have a waitlist in case of cancellations so please reach out and ask :)

Will I get digital photos of my session?


Yes, you will receive an online gallery of the photos I select from our session.


Galleries are usually upwards of 30+ edited photos.

What is a RAW photo? Will I recieve the RAW photos?

RAW photos are not included.

RAW photos are the original image taken in camera. This image tends to have very flat color and be very dark. I underexpose my photos to keep a lot of information so that in the editing process I have more flexibility.

No, this is not a service that I provide. The initial reason that my clients hire me is in large part, for a specific "look," this look is not 100% achieved in camera. Editing is a large portion of the process that helps me achieve the "look" that my photos have.

Can I order prints from you?


Yes, you will be able to order prints, frames and many other items right from your gallery page.

The printing service that I use creates true to photo color and they look great!

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